The Royal Closet: William, Kate, and the Royal Babies of Cambridge

The Royal Closet: William, Kate, and the Royal Babies of Cambridge
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We’ve all dreamt of the day a member of the royal family would sweep us off our feet. How glamorous would it be to suddenly have “Duchess” before your first name?! Sadly, this dream remains a dream for the majority of us. The good news is, it’s nothing worth pulling out your best handkerchief – we think we have the solution to being a royal without the title.

Though you might only be deemed royalty by your significant other (or mom), or referred to as “madam” within the walls of the country club, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like one. This world has never seen a more fashionable Duke and Duchess than those of Cambridge – more specifically, for those of you that aren’t well acquainted with the gang and their grandiose titles, William and Kate.

Keep reading for our guide to dressing like you’re next in line for the throne.


Prince William the Preppy, if you will. Sure, he’s spent his whole life being clothed by a team of dressers… and a good bit of the fashion choices he has made in his adult life that haven’t been created by a team of experts were dictated by branches of the British military… but hey, someone’s got to make those outfits look so good!


Early on in Prince William’s adult life, he figured out what works and stuck with it. He goes for quality pieces and makes them work in a variety of outfits. We applaud anyone who can make the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality work in their favor, and Prince William seems to do a fantastic job of keeping it simple while staying stylish.

If you’re interested in investing more in your clothes and beginning the capsule wardrobe lifestyle like William seems to rock, go for neutral base pieces. And before you even ask, yes, we will always and forever count blue as a neutral. Show us an outfit where navy doesn’t fit and we’ll consider changing our minds, but good luck with that…. Neutrals make throwing together an outfit far simpler but still result in a quick yet fashionable outfit that can be jazzed up with some more colorful, patterned accessories if need be.


When you’re British royalty, you can’t afford to appear cold. You must look prepared and comfortable at every occasion. This doesn’t mean your style can slip away, though. So, as you can imagine, it can be a difficult line to walk. We don’t care what people say, being a prince IS hard!

Another way to rock the capsule wardrobe is to find pieces that layer well. Nobody likes when your button down protrudes too much from the bottom of your sweater, or your sweater sleeves are too thick to roll. Gross.


Sure, she’s only a duchess (for now). But let’s be honest folks, she’s our prep QUEEN these days. She rocks perfectly polished outfits every time she steps into the flashing lights of the paparazzi, and has some of the best hair on this earth. Honestly, Queen Elizabeth was crazy for not loving her from the start!


Much like her fashion forward husband, Kate isn’t afraid to repeat an outfit if it works. We’ve all seen the people’s duchess recycling her best looks every few years or so, and we’re here for it. When you find a look that works for you – a color that is flattering to your complexion, a shape that makes you feel like a… I don’t know, duchess – then hey, pick it and stick it.

One of the easiest way to get away with being an outfit repeater is by switching up the accessories with each wear. As you can see above, class, Middleton is pictured three times wearing two different coats that are the same color and similar styles. The addition (or absence) of a belt, tights, and shirt can create an entirely new look. She’s also pictured wearing three different hats, which shakes it up as well.


Part of the reason our gal Kate can get away with recycling killer looks is her simplicity in terms of accessories. No need to overwhelm an outfit with dozens of bracelets and show stopping shoes every time you step out. Having solid colored accessories that can fit right in with tons of looks is a solid solution to keeping it simple while keeping it fresh.

Okay class, now what piece do we see featured in both looks? That’s right, her red handbag! Because of its vibrant color, the handbag is fun and unique. That being said, it also doesn’t overwhelm her outfit or draw any attention away from the focal point – the duchess herself. We think she’s really got this whole royalty thing down – at least, she looks good while doing it!


A self-evident truth for you, dear reader: if you’re fit for the throne, your successors should be as well. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are three of the most preppy children alive, and they should not have to rule alone. If we work hard enough, we can dress our children as the Cambridge babes are dressed and form a very small, very intimidating preppy army. It's not crazy, it's called having a vision for what the future could be. Let’s get started.


An eye for style has nothing to do with age and everything to do with attitude, and Prince George is here to prove such a claim to be true. This fashion forward five-year-old stays in vogue by adhering to the classic prep look, the look that gave the genre its name – the preparatory school uniform look.

Collared shirts, shorts, tall socks and a gorgeous variety of loafers fit for… well, third in line for the throne. It’s a look you can’t go wrong with and fits in with his parents’ mantra of keeping things simple in order to disguise the recycling of outfits.

Sure, he has his casual looks here and there, with a few pocket tees or smocked tops sprinkled throughout his wardrobe. For the most part, he sticks to the book, and we’ll be the first to say it – the book just might have been written for him.


The coolest four-year-old we’ve ever seen; Princess Charlotte likes to keep it basic like her brother. For her early years as a princess (something we wish we could say about ourselves), Charlotte has stuck to smocked dresses, sweet sweaters, and practical shoes for a little girl with an older brother.

She keeps things cute with fun floral patterns, frilly socks, and sweet little Mary Janes. She couldn’t look more like her mother if she tried, and so far, she might be *gasp* EVEN MORE fashionable than the Duchess…


Okay, we haven’t been completely convinced that Prince Louis isn’t just a clone of Prince George the royal family created a few years ago, but that’s beside the point. The third edition to the dynasty, Louis takes fashion inspiration from both of his older siblings.

With fun sweaters and the smallest collared shirts ever made, Louis proves that third time’s the charm, even for the royals. He’s the freshest one-year-old we’ve ever seen, and we can’t wait to see how all three royal babies grow into their senses of fashion.

Now that you’ve studied up on your royal couture, I’m sure you’re DYING to know where to begin your transformation into the duchess of the country club, the prince of the vineyard, or the cutest little baby on the playground.. A fantastic place to begin your search is Country Club Prep! Peruse our elegant styles and fashion worthy of a king’s ransom until you find the William or Kate look that sweetens your tea.

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