Why Darty Season is The Best Season + The 10 Preppy Essentials You Need For It.

Why Darty Season is The Best Season + The 10 Preppy Essentials You Need For It.
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Let’s all be real for a second. Does anyone really enjoy staying out late at night? No matter how great a party may be or how abundantly the Veuve Clicquot (or Coors Light) may be flowing, who wants to stand around in uncomfortable shoes fighting off a yawn?  Wouldn’t we all rather be snuggled in flannel sheets rather than questioning, “Is anyone here as tired as me,” or “Could we have done this another night?” Even the night owls can admit that their enjoyment of staying up well into the night does not entail dressing up and going out on the town, more so, staying up into the wee hours of the night polishing off some gelato and a season or two of The Great British Baking Show.

However, there is a wonderful solution to this problem. One that ensures you will get all the partying in that your heart desires (and wallet can allow) while making sure you are home in time for dinnertime, Game of Thrones, and the most wonderful place on earth: your bed. It rolls around once a year in the hot summer months, and in the American south has been given the title “Darty (day-party, that is) Season.” Darty Season is when the preppy party scene comes to life in the absolute best way possible. Think weekends at the lake, boat days, tailgates, backyard slip and slides, sunny beach days in Gulf Shores, rounds of golf with the boys, crawfish and Corona on the front porch, hanging poolside, 

and of course, the epitome of Darty Season, The 4th of July. No matter where or when, every prepster loves a darty complete with a Yeti cooler fully stocked and covered in preppy stickers, Vineyard Vines hats worn backwards, an endless supply of red solo cups, and plenty of sunscreen (you’re going to need it).

  If you are new to the preppy darty scene and are ready to jump in, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to share with you the 10 must haves for both men and women this darty season. Bring these items on your next daytime excursion along with your best buds (the friends and the beers), and you will be ready to darty.

For The Fellas

1. Darty Shades by The Southern Shirt Co., $32.

  I mean, just look at the name of these glasses...does it get any more perfect? No matter where your darty festivities lead you, it’s going to be hot and sunny. With these shades, not only will you maintain 20/20 vision, you’ll also be the life of the party. Who doesn’t love a guy with a little retro fashion sense?


2. Rambler Colster by Yeti, $24.99.

  Picture this, you’re booze-cruising the lake when suddenly you realize you’ve misplaced your beer amongst everyone else’s. In a major “palm to the forehead” moment, you grab a fresh drink out of the cooler and proclaim “I can’t believe I lost it!!” None of this would have happened if you had this Yeti Colster. Not only will it make your drink easy to spot in a sea of silver bullets, it won’t sweat and will keep your drink cold all day (not that it would take you that long to drink it).


3. Foxies Swim Trunks by Bermies, $49.99.

Most all darties occur on or near the water, it is summertime afterall! Not that we have any allegiance to foxes over here...but we know you’ll love the fox print on these shorts too. The shorter cut length alludes to your preppy roots, and forgoes any unsightly tan lines. Wear these while flipping some burgers in the back yard and inflating the slip-n-slide, and you’ll be the ultimate darty host.


4. Mulligan Needlepoint Flask by Smathers and Branson, $65.

  Want to turn a round of golf into a darty on the 9th hole? No problem. With this fashionable flask you can easily and discreetly turn up while you tee up. Not to mention it’s the ultimate fashion accessory to flaunt your prepster style. Guaranteed to make your golf mates envious, your call on sharing the contents.


5. Gameday Skipjack Polo by Southern Tide, $89.50.

Twelve PM kickoff? Lower the tailgate and make it a darty! If you want to look preppy and show your team spirit all at the same time, you’ll need this Southern Tide Gameday Skipjack Polo. Available in over fifteen different college teams across America, there’s one for every NCAA sports fan.


6.  Red, White, and Blue Bottle Opener Sunglass Straps by Gobi Str, $23

In all the action of Darty Season, you certainly do not want to lose your sunglasses. Major buzzkill! To prevent this tragedy from happening you are going to want to grab a pair of sunglass straps, or shall we say, one of the preppiest accessories on the market. Extra points for this pair, not only are they red, white, and blue seersucker, they also have a handy bottle opener attached. Need we say more?


7. Authentic Original Prep Boat Shoe by Sperry, $84.95.

If you want to get a little “Tipsy in Madras,” there is no better way to do so than with these fun boat shoes from Sperry. Step into a boat day with these and everyone will know you mean business, serious party business that is. Mint Julep not included...


8. Wetland Plaid Harbor Shirt by Vineyard Vines, $125.

When you have fishing at 1pm, but a darty at 4pm and don’t know what to wear, don’t sweat it! We have the perfect shirt, brought to you by Vineyard Vines. Superior moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool and dry through all the adventures of the summer heat. While feeling cool you’ll be looking cool in this perfect preppy color wheel of pastel blues and pinks.


9. American Party Animal Tee by Southern Proper, $36.

Throw on this tee and you’ll become an instant darty animal. Show your American pride and party side with Southern Proper’s signature pup dressed up in patriotic garb. The light fabric will keep you cool and comfortable all day from pool, to beach, to boat.


10. Loozie by The Southern Shirt Co., $10.

Last, but certainly not least, the Southern Shirt Co.“Loozie” is an essential for all your dartying needs. Who even has a free hand to hold their beer anymore? That is so 2018. With the Southern Shirt Co. loozie, your beer stays ice cold and safe at your side, while your hands are free to drive the boat, steam the crawfish, and throw a football. A win-win situation if you ask us!


For The Ladies

1. Freedom Towel by Sandcloud, $44.

The 4th of July is not only the ultimate darty day, it is the perfect opportunity to get fun and creative with your patriotic themed apparel and gear. For the hours spent tubing and tanning on America’s favorite holiday, you’ll want nothing more than to rap up in this soft and lightweight towel. The quick drying fabric of this towel means you’ll never have to suffice with a soggy towel again.


2. Sunday Funday Needlepoint Hat by Smathers and Branson, $35.

Oh Sunday, how we love you and your promise of one last hurrah before the weekend is over. Throw on this colorful and fun hat next Sunday and everyone will know you came to darty like there’s no tomorrow, even if tomorrow is Monday.


3. Tunic Swing Dress by Vineyard Vines, $108.

The sun is shining, the cooler is stocked, and the beer pong is set, now all you need is a comfortable, quick, and cute outfit to get you darty ready! Throw on this easy-breezy tunic dress and the aforementioned Jack Rogers sandals and you’ll be ready to party all day. Lightweight, breathable fabric stays cool and wrinkle free no matter how hot the day gets. Bonus, when darty season is over this dress doesn’t have to retire! Dress it up with heels and pearls and you’re ready for an evening out.


4. Georgica Jelly Sandal by Jack Rogers, $49.

Nothing says “Darty buzzkill” quite like burning your feet on hot summer pavement. While we know you are eager to get down to the shoreline, don’t forget some sandals to prevent your night from being one filled with aloe socks and ice packs. Jack Rogers is here to help with a darty season approved upgrade to a classic sandal style. Salt, sand, and seawater ready, these jelly sandals will keep you cute and comfortable all darty season long.


5. Front Row Fanny Pack by The Southern Shirt Co., $25.

Ladies, the only thing your hands should be doing at a darty is waving in the air like they just don’t care. Gone are the days of trying to handle a drink, wallet, keys, and phone in your hands, or better yet, trying to cram all of them in your pockets. God bless the U.S.A., because fanny packs are back and better than ever. Not only is this pack fabulously functional, featuring two zipper pockets AND a drink carrier, it also shows your American pride and sense of preppy style.


6. Kentucky Seersucker Shorties by Lauren James, $45.

The perfect pair of shorts for a lake day! If your getting down at a darty on Lake Barkley, Kentucky this summer, then you definitely need to add these fun shorts to your collection. Lightweight, moisture wicking fabric and a comfortable, stretch-to-fix waistband get the darty season seal of approval.


7. Authentic Flag Tank by Southern Marsh, $30.

Sleeves getting in the way of your darty action? Cut them off. Or for an easier option, grab this sleeveless tank from Southern Marsh. All the fun without the farmer’s tan! Plus the American flag overlay will have you showing your spirit all summer long.


8. Longshanks Tote Bag by Country Club Prep, $50.

Sunscreen? Check. Towels? Check. Drinks? Check. Frisbee? Check. Swimsuits? Check. No bag to carry your darty supplies in? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Carry all your goodies and represent Country Club Prep with our Longshanks Tote Bag. Featuring a durable fabric to carry the heavy load and a printed banner with Longshanks the friendly fox, what’s not to love?


9. Original Woolly Pullover by Country Club Prep, $60.

What’s better, the darty or the after darty? Up to you. If you chill as hard as you party, you’re going to need a cozy sweatshirt to curl up in after a long day out. With the Original Woolly pullover from CCP you can recuperate in comfort.


10. Vintage Tailgate Tee by Lauren James, $38.

If you love football, you know that darty season doesn’t have to end when summer does (phew). The blessing of tailgates allow us Americans to keep dartying well into the fall. For this fall’s tailgate darty scene you definitely need this soft and cute collegiate tee shirt from Lauren James. Available in a variety of schools so there’s one for everyone!

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