Cabana Bro: Men's Retro Swim Trunks & Vintage Board Shorts

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    Shorts are everything in SoCal. They are worn to class, to the beach, to the bars… even to bed! In SoCal, kids grew up watching the ‘Hoff, Karch Kiraly, and A.C. Slater dominate the local beaches in classic length neon swim trunks, and  that style’s never gotten old - it represents everything that’s legendary between San Diego and Malibu, California.

    At Cabana Bro, they're all about keeping that iconic sweetness alive. That’s why all of their swim trunks feature retro-inspired patterns, just the right amount of neon, and a classic cut with a 5’’ inseam, tailored to give your thighs the fresh air they deserve. That way you’ll look and feel your best whether you’re shredding waves, cannonballing in the campus pool, or fist-pumping on a Sunday Funday!