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    Before we let Canoos tell their own story, please allow a few words from CCP. We've long held that the biggest problem with golf (other than our horrendous collective short game) is that you can't wear boat shoes on the course. After a couple of adult beverages, one step on dewy morning (don't judge us) grass could lead to calamity without a little traction control. Suffice it to say that when we saw the boat shoe golf shoe that Canoos had created, we were intrigued - nay, elated! Style and substance (not to mention avoided embarrassment and/or bruised tailbones)! You'll obviously have to try a pair for yourself, but Canoos had us at seersucker lining and then again at boat shoe construction. Take it away, boys! Here at Canoos, we're about bringing the subculture of golf back to it's prime. We started by inventing the first patent pending boat shoe for golf, and expanded by fundamentally breaking down each layer that we wear on the course, ourselves. Our sport is making a generational shift, and we're sick and tired of seeing our grandfather's apparel in our pro shops. Canoos represents what it means to respect our heritage, but throw the after party. To be proud to wear a golf brand off the course, and realize that not all golf has to be played in a baggy, stodgy polo shirt. It's okay to golf in a tee shirt. It's okay to beat the course pro in a pair of boat shoes. Canoos will make sure that if you choose leisure golf apparel, it will be the highest quality hand crafted apparel there is.