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    When you throw on a COAST Polo, or a pair of COAST Twill pants, you’re wearing more than a shirt and a pair of khakis. You’re embracing a relaxed style, an easygoing attitude and a passion for living that speaks volumes about who you are: where you come from, where you want to go, what you’re all about. We get it. And this idea has defined the COAST brand from day one. We grew up spending summers and weekends at the beach with family and friends. Hanging out. Going to parties. Walking along the shoreline. Roasting oysters. Throwing a football. Crabbing in the marsh. Playing music around the bonfire. We squeezed every thrill and meaningful moment out of every single day. It was, and still is, a way of life. The COAST brand sprang from this vision. Our goal with COAST was to integrate the coastal experience with everyday life—no matter where you were, or what you are doing, you had a connection with the coastal lifestyle and spirit. Our full line of premium casual apparel is as much a testament to good times and carefree afternoons as it is to superior quality, custom fit and maximum comfort. COAST ignites the magic of lowcountry living. It has inspired us to create an apparel line for others who understand and celebrate the casual, yet sophisticated coastal lifestyle—and wish to stay connected with it, and COAST, each and every day.