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    Have you been outside in the last five years? Oh, you have? Then you know about Costa del Mar - makers of the most popular performance sunglasses on the market. They're sturdy, scratch-proof, and high quality - the perfect protectors for all your wildest excursions.

    What makes Costa so special, you ask? For one, they make the clearest lens on the planet, blocking all glare and UV rays for maximum eye protection. That's just part of the story, though. These lenses come in seven different colors that even feature low light options and full sun options to eliminate glare on open water. Costa also offers prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses, so if you really love their shades, you don't ever have to wear anything else.

    Costa has been at it since 1983, and it shows in the craftsmanship, functionality, and style brought to each piece: from their shades to their SPF rated tee shirts and their ever-popular headwear. Not to mention, they're wildly dedicated to cleaning up the earth, with multiple campaigns going on at all times in an effort to make the world a little better, one project at a time.

    Whether you're looking for sunglasses that will last a lifetime, that one trusty ball cap you take everywhere with you, or a new island tee, Costa is your one stop shop for all of your outdoor needs. Look better - with Costa.