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    Mission Statement: Don’t have one. To try to put down in a concise manner the mission of a company is a foolish exercise. And, once you pull one together, then what? Consult it every half hour to see if you are “on mission” or “off mission”. We don't think so. On the other hand we do believe that there are certain timeless truths that one should consider when trying to run a business. There is no way to recount them all without great length. Some of the key considerations follow: Good Taste is timeless. Cashmere, crisp white blouses, gold earrings, navy blue blazers and pearls. They will go on forever. Civility is important. Respect the customer. Respect the parent, and thank people for their decency. Be quick to admit your shortcomings. There will be many of them. Product quality must be perfect. Sending an inferior product out the door is lunacy. By so doing you disappoint the customer and sully your reputation. Product value must be present. Paying huge sums of money for a "name" works for some, but value and integrity works for all. We cannot be successful without happy customers. This has to be true at the retail level and at the wholesale level. Un-happy customers are the death knell. All of our work is the product of a team. Sewers, cutters, painters, cobblers, salespeople and even owners. We are happy in our work and have a workplace that is warm, cooperative and frequently filled with laughter. This workplace is in Essex, Connecticut. We are fully in compliance with all federal, state and local workplace regulations. About American made. We don’t ask you to buy our products because they are made in America. We ask you to consider our products because they are well made, handsomely styled and a good value. And, yes they are made in America. We believe that every closet in America should have at least one pair of shoes made in America. Thank you for taking the time to read this.