Jack Donnelly Khakis: Men's Preppy Khaki Shorts & Pants

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    TO US, OUR BUSINESS IS SIMPLE: Make the best khakis in the world Provide exceptional customer service Remain loyal to you, our customer, by delivering products that always meet your high standards Over the years, we have asked many people, "What kind of khakis are you wearing?" Most of the time, the answer is an unsure response followed by an awkward turn to look at the tag of their pants, also known as the "quarter-turn." We have been amazed at the lack of confidence in khakis, as khakis are a quintessential piece of one's wardrobe. Don't fall victim to the "quarter-turn" - let us renew your confidence in khakis. We want you to know the answer to the question, "What kind of khakis are you wearing?" The answer is simple – Jack Donnelly. Our products are great fitting, comfortable, and reliable. We make our products with the finest attainable materials and the greatest attention to detail. We are very proud for you to be a part of Jack Donnelly!