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    Lazyjack Press co-founders Patrick and Miriam met in 2011. Patrick was working as a lawyer, Miriam was finishing up law school. Trouble was, neither of them wanted to be lawyers. After bonding over their distaste for the practice of law, they started dating. They also started developing the initial concept for Lazyjack Press: an luxurious, irreverent take on the motif tie. The Lazyjack Press man values Italian quality and American humor equally. He works hard, plays harder, breaks the rules, and gets away with it. He's got some Hermes and Ferragamo in his tie closet, but his Lazyjack Press ties get a real workout at happy hours, barbecues, tailgates, and the country club. He understands that his Lazyjack Press ties are made of the same 21 momme silk as his Hermes ties and handcrafted in Italy, and wouldn't have it any other way.