Rainbow Sandals: Leather Flip Flops for Men & Women

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    Want sunshine and Rainbows every day? You’re barking up the right tree. As a card-carrying prep, you already know how stylish and comfortable Rainbow sandals are. But do you know why they’re so great?

     In 1973, Jay “Sparky” Longley was chilling in Laguna Beach with $200 in his pocket when he dreamed up the world’s best sandal. As a surfer, he constantly saw broken flip flops washing up on California’s shores, and he envisioned a sandal that didn’t fall apart. So Sparky bought a sewing machine, some very high-quality leather, and then formulated his own rubber and glue. (He says that everything else on the market was rubbish.) After doing some consignment sales at a sporting goods shop, hawking his Rainbows on the streets, and even getting kicked out of Laguna Beach’s Sawdust Festival for selling overly awesome sandals and flip flops in the parking lot, Sparky was on a roll. A few decades later, that momentum hasn’t stopped.

     Featuring Sparky’s proprietary glue and memory rubber, each pair of Rainbows is handcrafted in San Clemente, California. From premier nubuck leather to bonded nylon, the straps are always durable and comfortable. They’ve branched out into braided leather straps, giving a little extra kick of preppiness to both men’s and women’s sandals. Of course, Rainbows come in dozens of colors, too. In a move towards greenness, the brand has started making hemp top soles, making a strong sole even stronger. It’s no shocker that men and women alike have fallen in love with Rainbow’s long-lasting, ultra-preppy products.

    The original Rainbow sandals are still selling like hotcakes. Sparky would say that’s because they’re the best leather sandals on the market. We at Country Club Prep couldn’t agree more.