Sebago Boat Shoes: Spinnaker, Schooner & Docksiders

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    Sebago® represents authentic product and timeless designs. Our original, handsewn Docksides® boat shoe and Classic beefroll penny loafer haven't changed since we first crafted them decades ago. Sebago is a celebration of everything New England... where life in, on or around the waters is a geographical unavoidability; where we are nautical in our traditions but deliver a future of performance and ingenuity. Since their very first time out of the shoebox and onto a boat, Docksides have been beloved by sailors everywhere. Appreciated for their handsewn genuine moc construction that wraps the foot in a single piece of form-fitting leather, delivering seamless comfort and hardwearing durability. As well as for their slip-resistant, non-marking rubber soles that offer sure-footed security, the functional rawhide laces, and their non-corrosive brass eyelets that help them look as good as they wear. Introduced in 1970, we never expected that Sebago Docksides® would become the icon of marine footwear that they are today. But then, we're not the ones who make our shoes a success. Customers like you do.