Sounder Goods: Men & Women's Classic Leather Watches

Founded in 2010, Sounder Goods began with the idea to craft a high quality leather sunglass strap. Inspired by a trip in 2009 to Nantucket, MA for the 38th annual Figawi Race we set out to re-invent the sunglass strap. One of quality and style that would be as fit for the race as the awards ceremony. After all, our boat shoes were leather, so was our belt and our watch band. As we began learning the leather craft we were fortunate enough to gain the mentorship of Frank Clegg. Frank has been in the business of crafting heirloom quality leather goods for over 40 years. It took countless Saturdays at Frank's and many product iterations over the course of two years to create the original Sounder Goods leather Shade Anchors. A reenvisioned take on a timeless staple. First made available at Murray's Toggery Shop, a Nantucket institution, now they can be found at select retailers throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

As we add new products to our collection the focus remains on goods to support life's greatest adventures. All-American style combined with American made quality are what make our goods Sounder. Products that will serve you well whether you're hiking the Golden Moose Expedition, sailing in the Figawi Race or spectating at Foxfields. We back all of our products with a satisfaction guarantee and Lifetime Re-crafting Program. We hope our products become those that you'll enjoy for many years to come.

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