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    From an early age Tracy Negoshian believed the right clothing could make someone not only look good, but feel more confident. At Saks, Tracy merchandised designer collections and worked with their elite clientele. She experienced the fashion industry up close while working beside some of the most renowned designers during their trunk shows and events. Tracy’s eye for cutting-edge trends ultimately led to a sales and wardrobe consultant position within Saks’ contemporary department. Tracy soon realized that there were many people who wanted to be fashionable, but could not afford the high price tags of the high end designers. In fact, she would frequently buy clothes, such as wrap dresses, at Target or K-Mart and make slight modifications to them, add an accessory or two, and wear the clothes to work. Clients would ask whose label she was wearing… and when she told them, their reactions were priceless. It was then and there that Tracy realized that -- “You do not have to break the bank to look and feel good!” Tracy’s knack for design, innate sense of color and sense of style led her to create Tracy Negoshian, Inc. -- a multi-line, multi-season clothing label that is trendy, using quality material and most importantly affordable to today’s fashion-conscious woman.